Audiovisual Mercosur

Brand Design.
Mercosur area (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay)

List of works

The Mercosur Audiovisual visual identity combines three resources: the symbol of the Mercosur, the colour of the flags of the countries comprising the Organization, and figures of screens or pixels that represent the current supports of the media.

The central part of the brand is the Cruz del Sur, Mercosur’s own sign. This sign is been created by four screens, looking thus the aesthetic unity of the whole. This symbol is surrounded by a sum of screens, colours, or flags, reinforcing then the idea of radiation, of growth and productions of the region.

This brand has been designed to act on distinct situations in which it must face. For instance, it can express not only the message of the series but also, and if necessary, to highlight the character of some local productions by showing a part of the totality, the one that dominates the local flag.


Some implications of the design:


Website of the Ministry of Culture, Government of Brazil.

“In order that citizens have more access to audiovisual content produced in the region through a series of coordinated actions to promote the complementarity of the film industry, facilitate inter-regional movement and expand the technical capacity, the Program Audiovisual Mercosur was created by agreement between Mercosur and the EU to benefit from the four member countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) “.



Website of the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts.

“Buenos Aires, Argentina. (December 2011) – The MERCOSUR Audiovisual Programme, developed in the field of RECAM with funding from the European Union and Mercosur, South Window was presented, the main event marketing of Latin American production, organized by the INCAA with the Marche du film at Cannes, head of the most important international film market”. 



Website of the National Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic of Paraguay
“Workshop on Comparative Legislation began Mercosur Audiovisual”